Natalia has a wide-range knowledge of design and she finishes her work on schedule. When she has a concern or question about an assignment, she speaks her mind clearly and directly. She is reliable and intelligent. I recommend widely her professional and personal behavior.

Arch. Giulio Ceppi •Creative Director Total Tool Milano

Natalia is fantastic! Not only does she has a great eye for design, she’s also highly professional, quick and hits the mark on budget. I highly recommend her, I am very happy with the results.

Jo Kiley •Marketing Manager at Edge Recruitment

Really enjoyed working with Natalia. She does a very professional job.

Robin Banning •Founder Luma learning inventory

During three years I have recognized that Natalia is deeply dedicated and passionate in her work. Once she sets her mind into a project, she develops it meticulously to achieve a gratifying result. Natalia has a sharp communication building credibility, not only presenting her projects but her presence. Her creative thinking is a skill that she achieves by facility in observing, understanding and analyzing. Natalia has showed a great aptitude as a leader, she is organized in her process and planning, works with integrity and in teams, knows how to listen and respect others, and has always a vision that inspires others.

Giovanny Rodriguez •Design Lecture at Universidad de Los Andes

Natalia is a skillful and honest person, respectful and committed in her professional development. I was particularly surprise by her capacity of investigational and her rapid integration in the team as a valuable member.

Alejandro Covelli •Strategic Director DMP Publicidad

Natalia did a great job designing a Logo for our school. She was very quick and took all feedback that we provided.

Joanna Wright •Marketing Director at St. Raphael School Parkside